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Our Products

At El Bombon we make all our products with only the very best natural ingredients. Whether for dine in or more intimate gatherings at your place, your inner gourmet is sure to be delighted. The temptation is yours to resist!


Breads & Sandwiches

All of our breads come in various sizes, weights, and shapes. Come and take a look at our bakeries here and discover our different types of breads, rolls, bagels and sandwiches including our fresh from the oven Baguette.


Pastries & Donuts

Welcome to the world of pastries and donuts! They have also been known to make a good day even better. We try to keep flavours of fillings in our pastries at the simplest. Our huge variety of pastries and mini pastries are sure to please – as beautiful as they are delicious!


Cakes & Cookies

Always fresh and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, our cakes and cookies are made from scratch using individually formulated recipes. The cakes are delectable in all their glorious variations with chocolate, different kind of cheeses and fruits. Our incredibly moist and delicious cakes are the perfect way to celebrate everything from a special occasion to a simple “treat yourself” moment.

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